Pearl producing mollusks are easily identifiable. There are dramatic differences in the organism itself. See the size, shape and color variations for common freshwater and saltwater species below.

A sample of the Pearls we offer. Natural conch, cultured freshwater and cultured saltwater. Cultured Akoya are bead nucleated saltwater from the Pinctada fucata.

Hand knotted cultured freshwater from multiple tissue nucleated Hyriopsis cumingii mussles

Cultured pistachio tahitians saltwater bead nucleated from the Pinctada margaritifera or black lipped pearl oyster

Cultured metallic ripple pearls bead nucleated freshwater in the Hyriopsis cumingii mussel

Cultured Cortez saltwater bead nucleated pearls from the Pteria sterna or rainbow lipped pearl oyster Cultured South Sea saltwater bead nucleated from the Pinctada maxima or the gold/silver lipped pearl oyster