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Real Deal Pearls, LLC is not your average pearl party. The company was founded by me in 2016 after my wife ordered hundreds of dollars in product from another pearl company. After waiting 9 weeks for her items to arrive, one arrived damaged. The company told her she had to pay to return the item and it would be at least 4 weeks for a new one. She threw her arms in the air, the jewelry in the trash and I started Real Deal Pearls the next day.

What started as a few pieces of cage jewelry and cultured freshwater pearls from one supplier has quickly grown into a full service pearl business with over 100 standard pieces, countless custom designs, close to 20 suppliers, nine types of cultured pearls including Saltwater (Tahitian, South Sea, Akoya, Cortez and Natural Conch) and Freshwater (Tissue Nucleated - Monster Oysters/Standard oyster openings and Bead Nucleated - Ripple/Edison-Like). We also offer stunning special order jewelry with genuine precious gemstone accents set in gold and platinum. 

Real Deal Pearls is the home of the MONSTER OYSTER™* opening! Since we started doing the monster oysters™ in September 2016, many have attempted to imitate. Some less expensive, some more, but what's clear is that most new pearl shops on the market have no desire to learn the intricacies of the pearl trade. They treat this as a get rich quick scheme and you, the customer, suffer in return. 

Real Deal Pearls is committed to educating our customers and our audience. We have taken giant leaps to become knowledgeable and are consistently furthering our education to ensure you have accurate information and can make an informed decision on what type of pearls you are buying. 

We continue to maintain our strict quality and shipping guidelines. Nothing makes it to the shop unless we are happy with it. Nothing leaves our hands unless we are happy with it.  And, as always, if you open on a Wednesday, your order ships Friday. If you open on Friday, your order ships Monday. 

Pearls are one of nature's most beautiful creations (aside from you of course!). Their beauty comes from the fact that no two are exactly the same. They each have subtle differences in shape, luster and surface. No cultured pearl is without imperfections, but those imperfections are what make them so perfect.

Real Deal Pearls is committed to providing the highest quality cultured pearls at the most affordable price. You won't find a single piece in our shop that we wouldn't personally be honored to own, wear and pass down from generation to generation.

Affordable Luxury for every woman was our mission when we started and we continue to source products that are in line with mission.  Our commitment to quality and affordability is second to none. I encourage you to visit the shop and select a piece (or two) that speak to you. 

Vance Gannon - Owner, Real Deal Pearls, LLC


**DISCLAIMER: Monster 'oysters' are really mussels because they are grown in freshwater. Each mussel contains between 4 and 40 cultured freshwater pearls. We cannot guarantee the number of cultured freshwater pearls yours will have, nor can we guarantee the color, the size, or the quality of those cultured freshwater pearls. The images are an example of cultured freshwater pearl size and style. It is not to be used as an indication of quantity or quality. Some may be heavily spotted or pitted. To see more sample photos, click here.

If you would like to keep the shell, we need to clean it thoroughly before shipping. The additional fee for the shell is $15 - that covers the cleaning as well as the additional weight based shipping fee we are charged.

If you would like us to make a custom piece of jewelry, we can do that! Message us at after you order and we will work with you to create something that fits your budget- starting at $10 and the possibilities are endless!

Species is Hyriopsis cumingii


** IMPORTANT ** Pearl colors vary from white to cream to pink to lavendar to dark blue/purple/black. Our cultured Tahitian pearls are naturally dark! However, all dark colors and special order colors on our cultured Freshwater and cultured Akoya pearls are the result of treatment, enhancement or dye. Pearls in our standard oysters are cultured freshwater pearls that have been implanted in Akoya shells.**