Protection Status


Q. Is your jewelry Sterling Silver? 

A. Our jewelry is made with Sterling Silver, Argentium Silver (a superior choice to Sterling Silver), Solid 10K or 14K Gold, Platnium and occasionally Stainless Steel. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in our shop is made with plated or base metal components.

Q. How much is shipping?

A. This varies. 

  • Shipping is FREE to the United States - no minimum order.
  • Shipping to International destinations is $10 for orders under $150US.
  • Shipping to International destinations is FREE for orders over $150US 

Q. How long does it take my order to ship?

A. This varies.

  • Anything purchased from that does not include an opening or reveal will ship the next business day. 
  • Anything purchased from that includes an opening or reveal will ship 48 hours after the live Facebook reveal/oyster opening. 
  • Anything purchased from The Pearl Shopping Network continuous live feed will ship the next business day. 
  • Anything purchased from the custom mountings section will ship within 48 hours after we receive the custom mounting (ETA will be provided prior to invoicing). 
  • Custom handmade creations will vary based on the complexity of the piece and the supplies needed to create it (ETA will be provided prior to invoicing).

Q. Does your jewelry include a pearl?

A. All of our jewelry includes the pearl. 

Q. Can you mount a pearl I have already?

A. Yes. We ask that you send us a picture of the pearl prior to sending it in. You will be invoiced for the mount only which is the listed price less the price of the oyster opening/reveal (actual discount varies depending on pearl type). 

Q. Are your pearls freshwater or saltwater?

A. We have both. Real Deal Pearls carries the following types of pearls:

  • Natural Conch
  • Cultured Tissue-Nucleated Freshwater (Standard Oyster Opening, Live Reveal and Monster Oyster - Various Natural Colors and Various Dyed Vibrant/Dark)
  • Cultured Bead Nucleated Freshwater (Ripple/Edison-Like - Various Natural Colors and Dyed Dark)
  • Cultured Akoya (Various Natural Colors and Dyed Dark)
  • Cultured Tahitian (All Natural Colors)
  • Cultured South Sea (All Natural Colors)
  • Cultured Cortez (All Natural Colors)

Q. Do you ship with insurance?

A. All packages are shipped with third-party insurance that protects against loss or damage during transit. 

Q. Does your jewelry come with a warranty?

A. We stand behind our jewelry. Our quality control is extremely high. We warranty against manufacturer defects for 6 months and pay return shipping if there is an issue with craftsmanship. Out of the three thousand pieces+ we have made and shipped, less than half of one percent (about 10 pieces total) have had any issues that required a repair. All orders come with a care card. We suggest you follow the care instructions carefully. Pearl jewelry is delicate and requires special care. 

Accidental damage, damage caused by customer negligence, theft or loss is NOT covered.