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You can now Pick a Tahitian during Real Deal Pearls show! These are cultured Tahitian pearls and they range in size from 8mm to 11mm. Some are round to near round, others are baroque to semi-baroque. Instead of opening an oyster, we have placed these cultured Tahitian pearls randomly into envelopes*. We will pick a random envelope for you during the show and reveal the stunning cultured Tahitian pearl inside. These cultured Tahitian pearls are naturally dark! Limited number available. Preorder now! IMPORTANT - your card will be charged at checkout so do not pre-order if you need to pay close to your scheduled show! 

EXCITING UPDATE! We know how much you love the mystery of the oyster openings so we came up with something we think will be just as exciting even though these won't be coming out of an oyster. Some of the envelopes contain twins and a few even have coupons for FREE sterling silver jewelry settings! There are four FREE sterling silver bail pendant settings and one FREE sterling silver stud earring setting hiding in this batch of envelopes. Odds of winning a setting - 1 in 20. Odds of twins 1 in 25.

QUANTITY DISCOUNT INSTRUCTIONS - Select the number of picks you would like and leave the quantity dropdown at 1. The package price will appear when you select the number of picks. Thanks :) 

Best deals - 5 for the price of 4 and 10 for the price of 8!

*We will message you within 24 hours of purchase to schedule your opening on Facebook LIVE. Jewelry not included - if you want to order a piece, message us and we will offer a discount for settings that can fit the cultured Tahitian pearl :) These will not fit in most cages! m.me/realdealpearls

DISCLAIMER: Colors of our cultured freshwater pearls vary from white to cream to pink to lavendar to dark blue/purple/black. All dark colors in our cultured freshwater pearls have been enhanced or dyed. Our cultured Tahitian pearls are naturally dark in color! Pearls in our standard oysters are cultured freshwater pearls that have been implanted in Akoya shells.