Monster Oyster™* Opening

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We will open a monster oyster™* for you live on Facebook! All cultured freshwater pearls inside are yours to keep. Request a custom piece (additional fees apply) or keep them all loose. The choice is yours!

*DISCLAIMER: Monster 'Oysters'™ are really mussels because they are grown in freshwater. Each mussel contains between 4 and 40 cultured freshwater pearls. We cannot guarantee the number of cultured freshwater pearls yours will have (BUT IF YOU GET LESS THAN 10 WE WILL OPEN ANOTHER), nor can we guarantee the color, the size, or the quality of those cultured freshwater pearls. The images are an example of cultured freshwater pearl size and style. It is not to be used as an indication of quantity or quality. Some may be heavily spotted or pitted. To see more sample photos, click here.

This is for an opening live on Facebook. We are unable to ship unopened mussels at this time.

If you would like to keep the shell, we need to clean it thoroughly before shipping. The additional fee for the shell is $15. 

Standard jewelry options found here. If you would like us to make a custom piece of jewelry, we can do that! Message us at after you order and we will work with you to create something that fits your budget- starting at $10 and the possibilities are endless!

Species is Hyriopsis cumingii

DISCLAIMER: Colors of our cultured freshwater pearls vary from white to cream to pink to lavendar to dark blue/purple/black. All dark colors in our cultured freshwater pearls have been enhanced or dyed. Our cultured Tahitian pearls are naturally dark in color! Pearls in our standard oysters are cultured freshwater pearls that have been implanted in Akoya shells.