Devotion - Cranberry and White Three Row Wire Wrap Bracelet 1 Oyster Opening

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Shades of red have long been know to affect us by strengthening passion, increasing feelings of excitement and improving our personal sense of security and well being. Devotion is a cranberry and white cultured freshwater pearl wire wrap bracelet that comes with one oyster opening. Your unique cultured freshwater pearl will dangle gracefully from one end and add another level of beauty to an already stunning piece! 22-24" in length.

*Metal is copper with a silver tone - cranberry is dyed.

DISCLAIMER: Colors of our cultured freshwater pearls vary from white to cream to pink to lavendar to dark blue/purple/black. All dark colors in our cultured freshwater pearls have been enhanced or dyed. Our cultured Tahitian pearls are naturally dark in color! Pearls in our standard oysters are cultured freshwater pearls that have been implanted in Akoya shells.